Surfboard and Surfboard Fin

Manufacturing Surfboards for over decades...

Maxam Surf has been one of the leading OEM surfboard providers since 1996. In order to leverage our expertise in the field of surfboard manufacturing, we recently unveiled our own line of surfboards under the brand name March 21 Surfboards. What's with March 21 Surfboards name you ask? It signifies the first day of spring as a start of a new surf season.

Every surfboard we produce is crafted by highly skilled workers. In order to achieve the highest standard quality, we use production materials exclusively from the US and Australia.

We invest heavily in our R&D here in the factory, along with our satellite office based in Southern California. Our pride in craftsmanship has always been our main focus to bring the best products to you. Looking for quality surfboards? Look no further...


Since 1998, we've been selling CNS-approved epoxy-finished surfboards. We construct your surfboards using the finest material from the USA and AU. This allows us to maintain a defect rate of just 1%. If you'd like to test our products in your market, you'll be glad to learn that we accept small and customization mixed orders. At the same time, we selling many different sizes of surfboards、skimboards at our showroom in Taipei, Taiwan. find your board, contact us today.